Want A More Effective Business Card? Here Are Three Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to spreading the word about your business or organization, business cards are about as practical as it gets. These small, wallet-size cards include information about your business with the hopes of attracting a new customer or client. However, this is a goal that's best accomplished when your business card is done right. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid for a more effective business card.

Including Multiple Websites

In this technology driven age, most companies have a main website. However, they also have multiple social media profiles, a blog and an e-commerce website. Your business card isn't the place to include addresses for each of these sites.

Including multiple addresses on a single card will make the card look junky, which can easily be interpreted as unprofessional. It's better to only include the address of your main website on your business card. You can then work with your website developer to have links added to your site that will allow visitors to access your other information.

Not Making a Brand Promise

To be successful you have to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. Make certain that you are including a brand promise on your business card.

For example, a taco shop might use the following promise: Locally grown ingredients to fill you up and keep you healthy.

This promise sets this taco shop apart from the competition that relies on processed ingredients that are unhealthy. This is especially important because the people you are passing the cards out to have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing your product or service. Ensure you add a compelling brand promise that will attract customers.

Failing to Use the Back of the Card

There is no rule that states you can only use one side of the business card. Using both sides of the card will make it easier to read, making it look more professional. Utilizing both sides allow you to spread out the content on the card, leaving more open space.

The more spaced out your content is, the easier it will be for customers to grab important information. Consider placing your business name and pertinent contact information on the front-side and reserve the back-side for your brand promise.

The card you hand out is an extension of your business. Make certain that your business card is representing the high-level of quality and service you provide.

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