Using A Printing Service To Print Or Enlarge Your Artwork Or Photos

Printing services not only print fliers and business cards, they also print fine art and photos for home and business use. Printing services are experts at matching up colors and paper to create the best posters or prints possible. They can turn your photos and artwork into something worth showing. Though the printer can provide a lot of advice and materials, there is some work to do on your part to make sure your print comes out to be exactly what you want.

Enlarging your photos or printing your artwork:

Choosing a piece of artwork or a photograph based on its content is not enough when you want to enlarge or make it into a poster. You must make sure that the item has a resolution good enough for enlarging. Some photos look great while they're small, but are granulated when they're blown up. The printing service will have image guidelines and list the number of pixels your image should have for a certain size poster or print. Send your printing service your largest, high-resolution image you can in the format they require. If your image cannot be properly printed, the printer will tell you. Some tips to getting the best resolution include:

  • Using a high-resolution camera and the highest resolution setting

  • Setting your scanner to the highest resolution possible

  • Hiring a professional to scan or photograph of your artwork for you

Choosing a surface:

The printing service will have a variety of papers to choose from, depending on your budget and anticipated end use. If you plan to frame and hang your artwork or photos, you will need to choose a higher quality paper. If you are planning to enter your art or photos for competition, you should only choose paper specifically designed to be durable and show off the colors of the work. For example, art prints work well with small amount of texture, such as watercolor paper made of cotton rag or even canvas. Photo prints can work well with smoother paper. Thinner poster paper should be acceptable for most home or office uses. Whether to use gloss or matte depends on your personal preference.

Be sure to ask the printing service about framing, as they may have further suggestions regarding what paper to use or other changes to the print. Some printing services print on wraparound canvas, which doesn't need a frame. The printer may be able to suggest a type of mat or frame type for your finished piece. Whatever you choose to print to decorate your home, check with your printing service to get the best finished results.

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