Creating A Tourist-Friendly Look For Your Small Town: Three Ways Signage Can Help

While not every tourist will see a small town as a vacation opportunity, many towns across the country have something unique to offer visitors. You can make your town more tourist-friendly with the addition of some helpful signage strategically placed throughout the different neighborhoods. Here are just a few options you can use to make your town feel as exciting and vibrant as you know it is.

Street Sign And Lamp Post Banners

Street sign and lamp post banners are custom banners you can use for a variety of purposes. You can have them printed to call out your shopping and historical districts, which can make it easier for visitors to find the businesses they might be looking for. These banners can also be used to advertise upcoming events, such as holiday celebrations, neighborhood festivals or sidewalk sales. When you don't have a special event to advertise, use these custom banners to call out your city's name and what it might be famous for. Using the banners gives tourists the impression that your town is well cared for and it shows off a bit of civic pride.

Directional Signage

Do you have a famous attraction or landmark that people come to visit? If so, be sure to add directional signing throughout your town. Place a billboard or a banner underneath your town's welcome sign stating that you are the home of the special attraction. This will tell people they have come to the right place. Add additional directional signs along main roads and in the downtown area pointing drivers toward the attraction. This will help people who might get lost as they drive through your town. Be sure to add a few custom banners to parking structures near the attraction that tell visitors where to park.

Event Banners

Event banners offer a great way to advertise special happenings in your town once tourists arrive. Place the banners on any bed and breakfast or hotels so people can see the details when they check in, and place them on your city hall and other municipal buildings for increased visibility as tourists travel through your town. Some events you can create banners for might include:

  • Farmers markets
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Movies in the park
  • City-wide yard sales
  • Fourth of July picnics

Small towns can use custom banners and signage to help boost the visibility of small businesses, special events and local attractions. Use these ideas to help make your town look and feel like a special destination for tourists. Contact a company like Kwik Kopy Business Center to learn more.  

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