Keeping Direct Mail Relevant In The Age Of Digital Marketing

As the Internet continues its inevitable expansion into over 70 percent of households in America, it can be easy to get swept up in the world of digital marketing for your business. But doing so while neglecting more traditional marketing methods may actually negatively impact your businesses and cut you off from many of your potential customers. Direct mailing services are still an integral part of any advertising campaign, and by combining them with your digital efforts, you can bring your brand into local homes on multiple fronts. 

Reaching Consumers In Your Area

One of the primary difficulties of advertising online is ensuring that your efforts are reaching people who may actually convert into customers. This means targeting the right locations and demographics, all of which is still a relatively imprecise art in digital marketing. By direct mailing to targeted lists of households in your area, however, you can guarantee that your message is reaching the right individuals who may be both able and willing to become regular clients or customers. 

Placing Your Advertising in People's Hands

Advertisements on pages and marketing emails are now so ubiquitous that many consumers have learned to overlook them entirely, and those are just the individuals without ad-blocking software and a strict spam filter. While your thousands of promotional emails may only be opened a handful of times, direct mail is delivered directly into the hands of potential consumers. Postcards are especially useful for putting your message in front of as many eyes as possible. 

Acting as a Lingering Reminder 

Furthermore, while many people toss unwanted mail as soon as they receive it, many others will leave it on the counter for days, weeks or even months. During this time, your advertisement will be constantly in the background of the household's daily activities, and it will be there if someone suddenly needs your product or services. This lingering presence can be worth the value of multiple mailings or online campaigns. 

Directing Readers to Your Website

Finally, you don't have to eschew more modern marketing methods with a direct mailing campaign. Besides providing an address and phone number, use your postcard or flyer to direct readers to your business's website for more information, and encourage them to follow your social media profiles. By giving your targets several different options to connect with your business, you are more likely to find an avenue they are comfortable with, encouraging them to take that critical step from potential consumer to customer. 

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