4 Ideas For Making Your Wedding Invitations More Eco-Friendly

Wedding invitations offer a great opportunity for stepping out of tradition and trying something new because invitation design is not set in stone. If you and your future spouse are looking forward to going as green as possible after becoming newlyweds, get a head start during the wedding planning by picking eco-friendly paper for the invites. Discover four eco-friendly invitation ideas that are still elegant and classic enough to use for a wedding.

Invitation Postcards

Want to drastically cut the amount of paper used for each invitation card? Choose a beautifully printed postcard instead of a folded card and matching envelope. Using a single sheet of cardstock, utilizing both sides for sharing information, can eliminate three more pieces of paper or even more if you were planning to send double-folded cards with multiple layers. Postcards can look just as formal when they're printed on high quality paper and given the same flourishes as a folded card.

Recycled Paper

Recycled paper products were once limited to thin and scratchy materials, but now the lushest cotton rag can be made with 100% recycled materials. Don't settle for virgin wood pulp when you can find equally beautiful materials that aren't contributing to deforestation. If your invitation printer has a limited supply of recycled products, ask if you can source your own paper and ship them the cards and envelopes to make sure you're using the greenest products you can find.

Vintage Materials

Looking to make or at least assemble your own invitations after they're printed? Search around for vintage card stock, envelopes, and extra accessories like lace, paper doilies, and old-fashioned stamps. You can have your text printed on the aged materials to take advantage of paper products that might otherwise end up in the trash. Encourage your guests to keep their vintage invitations as mementos of the event, especially if you put a few dozen hours into the hard work of stuffing envelopes and decorating the invitations yourself.

Seed Papers

Finally, don't forget about the trendy seed-filled papers that are all the rage for eco-friendly weddings. These papers, usually made of recycled materials for a second boost of environmental protection, are studded with wildflower seeds so the recipients can plant them after they receive the invitations and note the pertinent details. You can even find seed papers with edible or medicinal plants mixed into the pulp. Make sure your invitation printer offers soy ink options if you want to use plantable paper so the growing plants aren't effected by the breakdown of the inks.

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