3 Printing Considerations To Take Into Account For Your Upcoming Laminated Project

Laminated printing is a very popular form of printing as it protects the printed materials from moisture and stains, while also increasing its durability and strength. In addition, it helps to make the materials look more formal and presentable. If you have a project in the works that you are considering having laminated, there are a few things you may want to consider ahead of time to ensure that your materials are properly printed and laminated:

1. Thickness

Laminate film is available in a wide range of thicknesses. Your paper is going to be placed between two separate pieces of laminate film. When determining how thick you would like the laminate to be, you need to first consider how rigid your finished project needs to be. If it will be handled roughly and frequently, you may want it to be pretty firm. If this is the case, you will want to go with a thicker laminate film. If the finished piece will be folded, you may want to consider using a thinner piece of film, as the thicker film tends to be more difficult to fold.

2. Finish

The film used to laminate paper also comes in a number of finishes. The type of sheen that you choose will boil down to your personal taste as well as the exact type of project that you are dealing with. A glossy laminate film will add a glass-like, shiny appearance to the project, while a matte laminate film will reduce glare and add a softer look and feel to the printed material. A glossy film helps to enhance the vibrancy and color of the printed ink, which makes it ideal for showrooms and business presentation folders, while a matte film will make the printed material easier to read, which makes it perfect for instruction manuals and maps.

3. Corners

As mentioned, the finished project can become rather rigid when you use thick laminate film. When this is the case, if you use 90-degree corners, they can be particularly sharp. This can become a safety hazard if your finished project is being handled by young children or even on a regular basis by employees or customers. In these instances, it may be a good idea to round of these corners so that they are more user-friendly. If you aren't using very thick laminate film, then you shouldn't have a problem leaving the corners square.

For more on information on laminated printing, contact a printing company in your area. 

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