Talk To Your Printer About Implementing These Creative Business Card Ideas

In the world of business, it's often said that you only get a brief moment to capture the interest in prospective customers. While there are many ways to make your brand stand out from your competitors, an effective method can be to have business cards that are anything but run-of-the-mill. Many printing services can produce head-turning results with business cards, so don't just settle for a plain card that lists your company's name and contact information. Here are some ideas that your printer can often implement for you that will make you glow with pride whenever you hand your card to someone.


An embossed business card has the potential to impress your prospective customers from the instant they grab it. The embossing process raises certain elements on the card to give them a three-dimensional feel. This can mean that your logo, name or other elements have a tangible feel between the fingers of anyone who grabs the card, which increases the likelihood that he or she will look down at it.

Unique Shape

There are no rules that say your business card has to be the conventional rectangular shape. By talking to your printer about the various shapes that are possible to produce, you can often come up with a shape that truly makes your business card look unique and compels people to pick it up and look at it. Consider shapes that relate to the subject of your business; for example, if you're a nutritionist, go for the instantly recognizable shape of an apple. If you're a dog walker, a cartoon-style dog bone will ensure that your card has more visual appeal than those of your competitors.

Make It A Keeper

One of the concerns with handing out business cards is that they'll be thrown away quickly. You'll improve your chance of success by doing something to make your business card worth keeping around on a prospective customer's desk. It's typically best to put the "added-value" content on the rear of the card so that it doesn't clutter your necessary details on the card's front. For example, if you're a personal trainer, list some daily exercise goals on the rear of the card that your prospective clients can consult. If you're a photographer who teaches seminars for beginners, provide a cheat sheet with some tips on the rear of the card — for example, some information about ISO and speed settings. This can encourage people to keep your card in their camera bag, and ideally call you when they're ready for some formal training. Contact a business, such as Fotorecord Print Center, for more information.   

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