It's All In The Presentation: 3 Ways That Using Posters In The Classroom Encourages Learning

If you're a teacher, you're always trying to find new and inventive ways to engage students. It can be difficult when you are surrounded by students who are completely different in just about every way imaginable – including how they process new information. That's where posters come in. You might be wondering how bringing posters into your classroom could possibly engage students and encourage learning. Here are three ways that posters can encourage your students to participate in the learning process.

They Encourage Meaningful Communication

Students don't always want to participate in classroom discussions. When you utilize educational posters in your classroom, you can encourage meaningful communication. Students are no longer discussing what you've had to say about the subject. The posters allow them to dig into the educational messages provided by the posters. This is particularly important when dealing with topics that require active communication, such as health-related topics.

They Accommodate Different Learning Styles

When you have a room full of students that learn differently, it can be difficult to find a way that works well for all of them. Posters allow you to reach all different types of learning styles, including tactile, visual and auditory. The tactile learner can approach the poster and touch each picture. The visual learner can view the large illustrations that are provided on the posters. The auditory learner can listen to comments about the poster while actively engaging in conversation about the topic.

They Encourage Autonomy

When students sit and learn through rote memorization of facts, it's not always easy for them to be autonomous. Instead, they become one of a group, focusing primarily on group learning. Posters encourage autonomy by encouraging students to come to their own conclusions about the topics that are displayed. An additional benefit of utilizing posters to encourage autonomy is that students tend to pay more attention to detail when they're truly interested in what they're learning about. They are more aware of the information they're processing and they're able to retain more of the information they're learning.

If you're responsible for educating children and are looking for more ways to get them actively engaged in the learning process, consider a couple topics that you'd like students to learn more about, and contact a service like Big Research Posters to have a poster printed. Using these posters in your classroom will help encourage your students to be active participants in their education.

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