Choose The Right Labels For Your Craft Business

When you are building a craft business, labeling is very important. Not only does it help brand your business, helping to increase the chances of repeat customers, it also may be required for certain products. The following FAQ can better help you design the perfect labels for your items.

Are there labeling requirements for certain products?

Labeling laws are constantly evolving, so it is best to check with both state and federal requirements for certain products. As a general rule, food items and personal care items should be labeled with all of their ingredients. This allows people to check for known allergens and irritants easily. It's also a good idea to label fabric types in wearable items, since some people may be allergic to certain textile materials, like wool or latex.

What label materials are best?

Labels come in a variety of materials, from paper labels to foil or plastic coated. The type you choose depends on the product type and the look you are going for.

Plastic coated labels are ideal for bath and body products, since the label information won't fall off when wet. They are also sometimes used on food items, especially those that are refrigerated or frozen since condensation won't affect them.

Foil labels are most commonly used on food products for the same reason as plastic labels. They can also be a good choice if you want an elegant, metallic look.

Paper labels are the most common, in part because they are often more cost effective. They also allow for greater design options. For example, you can opt for a brown paper style for a more rustic look, or go with clean lines and a matte surface for a clean modern design.

Should multiple labels be used?

This depends on the product. In most cases, the label shouldn't overwhelm a handmade product since it is the construction, quality, and unique design of the item that is the main selling point. If you need to include a lot of information on a label, such as ingredients lists or care instructions, consider two labels. The boring but necessary information goes on the back or bottom so it doesn't detract from the item. The eye-catching but less distracting label that has your brand information or logo will go on the front.

For more help in designing and choosing the right labels for your handmade business, contact a label manufacturer.

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When you are building a craft business, labeling is very important. Not only does it help brand your business, helping to increase the chances of repe