Preventing Two Common Problems with Copy Machines

Your business's copy machine can easily be a critically important device for your enterprise. While copy machines are normally highly reliable, it is a reality that these machines can be prone to suffering from some common issues, and business owners and managers may accidentally make these problems worse due to a lack of knowledge. To help ensure that you are prepared to care for this tool, you will want to be informed about a couple of the more common performance issues that these devices can experience.

Repeated Jamming of the Paper Feeder

Paper jams can be extremely disruptive as they will prevent you from using the copy machine until the jam is cleared. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize the various factors that can contribute to paper jams occurring. For example, if you allow the interior of the copy machine to become dirty or dusty, the gears may be more prone to becoming jammed. Furthermore, improper storage of the paper can contribute to this issue. When copy paper is not properly stored, it can absorb moisture. This will result in the paper being slightly thicker than normal, and some of this moisture may rub off on the interior components of the copy machine. Minimizing the risk of paper jams will require you to regularly dust the exterior of the copy machine and store any paper in a cool, dry area until it is needed.

Blurry Images

The quality of images produced by your copy machine is an important factor as blurry images may not be usable for your business's needs. For example, it may not be advisable to send a blurry copy of important documents to a client.

There are a number of factors that can influence the clarity of the images produced by your copy machine. However, you can combat many of these issues by making it a point to have the copy machine professionally serviced each year. These visits will allow a technician to thoroughly clean the interior of the copy machine and adjust the image reader so that it produces more accurate scans of documents.

Maintaining your business's copy machine is essential for getting the most out of this expensive piece of equipment. By understanding the steps involved with minimizing the risk of paper jams as well as the role that regular servicing has in preserving the image quality of copies, you will be better positioned to keep your business's copier functioning smoothly.

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