Two Reasons Why All Of Your Products Should Include A Folded IRC

If you are in the business of manufacturing products you probably understand how important it is to attract the consumer. Each time a product leaves your factory and is placed on the shelves of a grocery or retail store the item is immediately surrounded by a huge amount of competition. You need to do something that will make your product stand out so that it's chosen over everything else in the immediate vicinity. A good way to do this is to include a folded instant redeemable coupon (IRC) on every single product that leaves your facility.

Folded IRC's Are A Convenience For The Customer

Almost everyone loves a good bargain. Some people spend hours clipping coupons and comparing prices in hopes of getting the best deal they possibly can on the items they use the most. Other folks want the steals but just can't seem to find the time to cut coupons or look through weekly circulars for the lowest prices. You can capture both audiences by including folded IRC's on your products. Doing this just might be enough to win you some new customers.

Picture this scenario:  A person is heading into the grocery store to pick up a box of cereal. There are many different kinds of cereal but none happen to be on sale this week. The patron is low on cash and is looking for the most affordable brand they can find. You just so happen to have an IRC displayed prominently on the front of the cereal that you produce and it gives the customer a significant amount off of the product. You can probably see how effective this can be because even though that individual didn't bring in a coupon they still get to save on a product that they really needed.

Folded IRC's Can Be Printed With Ease

If you need a bulk supply of folded IRC's you may want to place an order with a printing service. Printing services can include an easy-peel adhesive that makes it so easy for the customer to take the coupon off of the product and present it to the cashier when they are ready to check out.

When you purchase your IRC's be sure to customize them for maximum attraction. Choose bright, vibrant colors and make sure that each folded IRC is large enough to grab the attention of the customers who you want to see the item and choose it above all others.

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