4 Tips For Making A Great Folded IRC

An instantly redeemable coupon is a great way to drive interest in products. One of the standard options for these is the folded IRC that's often attached to the outside of a product or package. If you're planning an IRC campaign, consider using these four tips to improve it.

Stick With a Simple Sales Pitch

When someone sees a folded IRC, they're not going to give it a ton of their mental bandwidth. That means your sales pitch has to be almost as instantly understandable as the coupon is instantly redeemable.

Stick to classic sales appeals, such as buy-one-get-one or 50% off. This will make fast mental math easier for the customer, resulting in a greater willingness to consider the offer. Avoid pitches that are complicated with things like decimal math or uneven numbers. Of course, other elements of your price-based appeal, such as a $2.99 price tag, will work fine with something like a 50% off appeal because the buyer will simply round and arrive at $1.50 very quickly.

Bright and Contrasting Colors Stand Out in Boring Spaces

There's a reason that red dots are the go-to format for many IRCs. Red is a bright, easy-to-see color that will typically stand out to customers.

You want your folded IRC to stand out in a sea of other items. Whatever the color of your product is, try to contrast against it. As great as the red dot is, for example, it won't look very exciting if your product is already in a red bottle.

Limit the Verbiage

You can stuff a lot of legalese and product information into the folded portion of an IRC, and that's a great place to put it. Anything that's publicly facing, though, needs to be kept very simple. You want the numbers that define the appeal to be the biggest text on the IRC, and there should be just a few words surrounding them. This will make it easier for an interested customer to approach the product, check out the offer, and decide.

Size According to Distance

The appropriate size of the main text is decided by how far the customer will be from the package. A simple generalization is that every 10 feet of distance equal one inch of text height for reasonable visibility. If the typical viewer will be three feet away from a product, a text of one-third of an inch in height should be sufficient.

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