Custom Business Cards You Can Have Printed

Business cards are an important tool for businesses. As soon as you open your small business, you want to make sure you have business cards for yourself and all of your employees. While even simple business cards are helpful, custom business card printing can be even better. When you give someone a business card that is unique, they will be more likely to hold onto it. You can have cards printed that have creative designs that cause them to stand out, or you can have them printed in a way that makes them functional so that they are convenient and helpful. You can learn more about ways to have business cards printed so that they do a better job of catching people's attention and making them want to hold on to them. 

Business cards that double as a tool 

Depending on what type of business you have, you may do well having your business cards printed in a way that also allows them to function as some type of tool. One thing that you can have designed into them is a ruler on one of the edges. This way, someone will know they can use your handy business card as a ruler for very small measurements. 

Another thing that you can have designed into the business cards if you are a jeweler is to have the cards be printed to be foldable and when they unfold there are holes someone can use to measure their ring sizes. If your business revolves around beauty, then you can have one side of the card have a mirror printed on it that is silver and shiny enough someone can actually see themselves in it. 

Business cards that have fun features

Another thing you can do to make sure people hang on to your business cards is to make them fun. There are a lot of ways that you can go about this. One thing you can do is to have them designed with a light background that has hidden pictures someone can look for. 

This can be great if you own a children-related business, and you can have the business cards printed so that the hidden pictures are animals or something else children like. While the parents will keep the card, they will appreciate the kid-friendly design.

For more information on custom business cards, contact a custom business card printing service in your area.

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