Order Custom Coasters From Your Corporate Printing Company

If you run a company, you've likely used a corporate printing company to produce business cards, letterhead, and perhaps even indoor signage that you've displayed around your place of work. It's always useful to browse the printing company's website to learn about the wide range of printing jobs that it can perform, as some of these ideas may be appealing to you. A lot of printing companies can design and produce custom coasters for businesses. This may be something that interests you for your organization. Here are some things to think about before you order custom coasters.

Where To Use Them

While a lot of bars and restaurants get custom coasters printed, you don't need to be a member of the food service industry to use this idea. All sorts of organizations can benefit from custom coasters. For example, if your company works in an office, you can use coasters on the table in your waiting area, on your conference room table, and in other similar locations. You can also take them to trade shows to hand out to people who visit your booth or even place them on different surfaces around the venue for people to use and take home.


The big benefit of getting custom coasters printed is that you'll be able to share information about your brand in a unique manner. A stylish coaster design is hard for someone to miss, especially if they're looking for a place to set their drink down. When someone sees your coaster on a table next to where they're seated, they'll often read it — and learn more about your company in the process.


There are all sorts of designs that you can consider when you want to get custom coasters printed. Because the surface of a conventional coaster is relatively small, it's ideal to come up with designs for both sides of the coaster so that you can share as much information as possible. You might favor something large and easy to recognize on one side of the coaster — your company logo, for example — and have a number of bullet points about what your company does on the rear of the coaster. You might even come up with a promotional campaign. For example, someone who shows you a coaster when making a purchase gets a discount on their order. Learn more about custom coasters by contacting your local corporate printing service.

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