How To Leverage Print Products As Direct Marketing Tools

Bypassing third parties and taking a marketing message straight to potential customers is a great plan for many businesses. There are numerous tools for direct marketing, but producing print items is among the most common. From mail inserts and door hangers to posters and signs, there are lots of ways to take a message directly to the public.

You need to do more than print some great-looking stuff, though. Use these four tricks to leverage print as a direct marketing tool.

Build a Mailing List

Most print direct marketing campaigns employ mail for at least part of their delivery. Consequently, you want to develop a mailing list. You can collect mail addresses through opt-in marketing appeals on websites, social media, and even in person. Likewise, you can purchase a mailing list to get a leg up on the process.

You also want to refine the mailing list. Build a database that tracks where you've sent items and gotten responses.  Consider moving some of your resources to the customers who've proven most receptive.

Form Brand Consistency

As people see more of your direct marketing materials, you want them to closely associate everything with a single brand. Have logos and colors in place at the start of a campaign, even if you're fully rebooting the business.

Suppose a tattoo shop is handing out business cards and coupons at a convention. The shop needs to incorporate brand consistency in the cards and coupons. Likewise, they'll probably include a website URL and a list of social media feeds. They need to make sure the brand is consistent across all those channels so the audience will draw the connection quickly.

Develop a Call to Action

Direct marketing services firms will constantly pound the value of the CTA. You want to do more than get a person's attention. They need some explanation for what to do. Ideally, you will have a single call to action.

Suppose a new restaurant is opening. They might use a local mailing list to send flyers to folks in the area. When the audience checks out the flyers, they should see a call to participate in the restaurant's grand opening.

Offer Value

Similarly, you should couple the CTA with some sort of value offer. In the previous example, the restaurant might offer a free sampler to everyone who visits in person. The business might waive delivery fees for the grand opening day, too. Let the recipient know you're offering something of value if they follow the CTA.

If you need more ideas, talk to a direct marketing service

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