3 Features You Shouldn't Overlook When Buying an Office Copier

Copy machines are workhorses in an office setting. Many employees rely on a copier not only to reproduce documents, but also to manage paper documents more effectively.

The right copier can improve the efficiency of your office significantly. Unfortunately, many office managers overlook some very important features when buying a copier.

Here are three surprising features that can elevate your office copier over time.

1. Fast Printing Speed

All copiers produce documents at varying rates of speed. It is important that you pay close attention to printing speed when you are evaluating new copiers for your office.

A copier that has a higher print speed could end up reducing the amount of time your employees spend waiting for copies each day. Even though a high print speed typically means a higher price tag, the extra cost will be offset by the increase in efficiency a faster print speed provides.

2. Versatile Paper Size

Not all printed documents feature paper of the same size. If you want the ability to utilize a wide range of paper sizes in your copier, you need a machine that can accommodate many of the more common paper sizes.

You should also consider whether or not you want your copier to produce printed envelopes and mailing labels as you search for a new machine.

A copier that can accommodate many different paper sizes will be able to produce any document that your employees may need access to in the future.

3. Finishing Functions

If your employees are making many copies of a single document, there is a good chance that these documents will need to be finished in some way once printing is complete.

Modern copiers are equipped with the technology needed to do this finish work as printing takes place. You can find an office copier that will collate and staple documents, punch holes in documents for easy filing, and even fold documents to create brochures.

Relying on your office copier to complete these finishing tasks will save your employees a lot of time and effort as they prepare printed documents in the future.

You must know what you are looking for before you start searching for a new office copier.

Pay close attention to the available finishing functions, paper size capabilities, and printing speed as you compare copiers so that you can invest in a machine that will maximize your office's efficiency in the future.

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